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Winter Chills – How to sustainably survive the cold

There is nothing wrong with trying to stay warm, but what if nice and cozy didn’t come with a lot of strings attached… like that massive energy bill looming over you? Better yet, imagine if you could have everything you want this winter while doing one better for the environment. By now you may well know that when it comes to the environment every little very much helps. Making a few routine adjustments or even using alternative renewable energy definitely goes a long way.

Trick or Treat? What to Look Out For on Your Next Move

Making a one-bedroom apartment valued at 80k looks like Buckingham Palace is not the right avenue. Instead, why not take a great picture with natural light that captures the essence of the property. Know your audience and don’t waste their time. The frustration when a potential lead books a day off work to view a property that does not meet expectations can be damaging for your business.

Here’s why landlord’s should make the most of the student market

Renting to students is one of the best yields for you because they tend to rent the whole year which can give you reassurance and they’re always a reliable source of income. Students tend to start looking for properties to move in for the second and third year after January, so if you can market the right way then, you’ll stand a good chance of beating the competition to hand over the keys!

Bizarrely wonderful, Britain’s most unusual homes

There’s something brilliant about being unique. We all aspire to it in some sense, whether it’s dressing with the most expensive brands, posting a picture of a place you have been, or just showing off an extravagant hair cut. Properties are no different. You can travel to Spain and see ‘Pueblo Blanco’, with only white houses in sight. Brazilians paint their homes ‘favelas’ all sorts of colours to brighten up an impoverished neigbourhood.

Making Reasonable Adjustments

The Disability Discrimination Act forbids the discrimination of tenants as well as prospective tenants due to a disability. Any wheelchair-bound tenant may ask the landlord to make reasonable exceptions to policies, rules and practices that will provide them with an equal chance of enjoying the free hold rental home to the same extent that an able-bodied tenant would.

Cautious buyers/sellers – the house market’s New Normal

While less are buying properties ( 86,630 in July – a 12% decrease compared to last year), prices have steadily increased in value by the shortest margin, according to recent reports from one of the UK’s biggest lenders. The Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group, said that prices rose by 0.1% in June to August, compared with the previous three months. Brexit remains a curious subject and the public know little of the outcome, doubts will remain – even if the UK doesn’t. Will the property sector drastically change when Britain does leave the EU? Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking to swap homes or own multiple properties as a landlord, transactions will always take place. You just have to decide whether you can afford the mortgage payments consistently.

Millennial Homeowners -Are they over-saturating the property market?

Statistics and general consensus points towards a large amount of Millenial homeowners reaching out with both hands to locate any piece of real estate they can find as first-time buyers, and can you blame them? Real estate data firm CoreLogic recent report suggests that this is causing housing prices to soar (even more than usual) and this upward trend could increase with a number of factors (such as Brexit) the main reason why so many are snapping up new properties and potentially increasing housing prices.

New Landlords! All you Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to rent to a family, setting up some students with good ‘digs’ for the start of their educational journey or easing a couple into retirement, there’s plenty to think about when taking on your first buy-to-let home as a landlord. You need to cover many different aspects of renting a property so when the first tenant moves in, there will be less stress involved and a seamless transition to start running your business.

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