There’s something brilliant about being unique. We all aspire to it in some sense, whether it’s dressing with the most expensive brands, posting a picture of a place you have been, or just showing off an extravagant hair cut. Properties are no different. You can travel to Spain and see ‘Pueblo Blanco’, with only white houses in sight. Brazilians paint their homes ‘favelas’ all sorts of colours to brighten up an impoverished neigbourhood. As humans, we want to stand out from the crowd and a home is essentially an imprint of what we stand for, as well as our social class and style.

Some are unique and wonderful, mesmerising you with stunning features inside and out that make it stick out like a sore thumb. Alternatively, they can look strange and bizarre to you if you’ve not witnessed that style. Depending on where you’re from and what you’re used to, a little village of cottages might seem odd to a London professional who is only familiar with skyscrapers in the capital. Making your property comfortable for your family and guests can be pleasing and make you feel at ease, so how you design it is key and let’s you use your creative juices to put a stamp on the property. The same applies to a landlord, who has invested in a second property (or more depending on portfolio size) to earn a living and build an income for the future. It’s a challenging industry, but if you select a home in the right area, it looks presentable on the outside and suitably furnished and clean on the inside, plenty will look to rent from you.

Roughly a fifth of the population rents in the UK, so you’ll have to be unique to stand out from your competitors and fill your property. After all, that mortgage isn’t going to pay itself! To ensure this and prevent a void period, sometimes having a quirky home that stands out in a crowd of similar properties will give you that edge to make a connection with a tenant. It might catch their eye instantly online, possibly it could be the clinching factor when they view it between several other properties. With that in mind, YouRent have selected ten types of property that will amaze and sway your typical tenant, providing a USP should you wish to opt for a different buy-to-let property.

Fantasy forest : Ewen, Gloucestershire 

Fancy continuously living a life of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t know where to begin? The ‘Paragraph 55 Development Project’ is a unusual planning permission which allows an individual or group the opportunity to build a picturesque home surrounded by trees and mother nature in the countryside, providing you create a home of ‘outstanding and innovative design with significant architectural merit’. Game on, we just need to head to the nearest forest! (Ewen, Cicester, Cotswold.)

Reading, Church Conversion

Another strange but curious option seems to be popular among many developers. Converting churches now seems to be the craze, which is sad to religious folk but definitely an interesting choice from a housing perspective. They make sometimes look dark, ominous and damp on the outside, but if the job is done right they can be unique and like nothing you have seen on the market! This beautiful conversion in Reading is a prime example.

West Hill Road, St. Leonards-On-Sea

This is a definite strike in the lettings industry. Fancy having your own private bowling alley in your home? It looks so cool in this Victorian Turkish bathhouse.  That’s a combination you didn’t imagine was possible, right? Definitely quirky and fun for all the family! (St Leonards on Sea)

School Conversion, The Lycee

A popular conversion for developers these days is swapping old schools into more habitable places for kids to actually do their homework. The vibe alone will be enough to sort out those dreaded equations they avoid! (Kennington)

Windmill Conversion, West Sussex

Maybe a windmill is more to your preference? Forget about producing grains, now they offer vast space and look easy on the eye, not to mention you can spot your home a mile away! (West Sussex)

Thatched-roof house, Wroxham

It might seem like a flashback to centuries ago, but thatched-roof houses are still trendy in some areas of the UK. They really do stand out when you consider the millions of buy-to-let developments that are cropping up in a few short months. This particular one even has a private 32ft mooring. Lush! (Wroxham)

Barn Conversion, East Sussex

Consider yourself part of the solution and not the problem? We have to think about our planet and the future we our giving future generations. With that in mind, many are taking to eco-friendly properties as the way forward, with sustainable sources such as solar panels and this particular example includes an air-source heat pump that provides underfloor heating. Ooh la la. (East Sussex)

Warehouse Conversion, Bermondsey

Consider yourself old school? These red-bricked converted apartments used to be a warehouse, and feature funky spiral staircases and high wooden beams. Maybe not the most appealing on the outside, but it definitely offers character and looks slightly intimidating, if you’re into that sort of thing. (London)

Houseboat, Prospect Quay

Hope you have your sea legs for this one, because this is not for the queasy! If you fancy a life of adventure and exploring the UK, why not live on a boat? It’s perfect for those who don’t like to settle in one area. Fed up of your neighbours? Easily done, just unhook the rope and away you go!

Old Knock Castle, Ayrshire

And finally, does it get any more British than renting a castle? It’s lavish, stylish, extremely cool and unique. You rarely come across one in day to day life and would look awesome uploading to Instagram or Facebook. They come at a hefty price to rent or buy, but surely worth it if you have the cash to hand! (Ayrshire)

Some of these ‘houses’ truly stand out, don’t you think? It’s nice to be different and when you think about buying a property to let, or in the shoes of a renter, we all want a little originality in our lives. That USP might be the difference between consistently filling the property to make a tidy profit, and struggling to find a tenant after months of chasing up prospects. Essentially, you already have the bargaining chip in your hand when you see a tenant. They are already drawn in by the unusual and quirky property. They appreciate the unique aspect of it and are probably looking for a change of environment, because for most people you just go through the motions with jobs, families and homes. Use that to your advantage, the keys are in your hand to offer them something different, an exciting change of pace which can excite them as much as it did you when you purchased the property.